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We have a new blog! Come to our new address

It has been great living over here at just to get things started, but big things are underway at Tonner Doll. Our blog is now over at a new address where it will be forever more: Come on over and follow us there.  You’ll find all the old articles and all your wonderful comments there as well.

If you have subscribed by email to this blog we will be sending you a new subscription confirmation from the new blog.

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Best to you!


The Life of a Collection

(part of my office collection)

Happy Tuesday everyone!  As promised, here is my next blog post about collecting.  The Life of a Collection.

If you’ve been a collector for a while, then you know that collections come in waves.  You may start out collecting one type of doll, then see something else that catches your eye.  So you sell off part of your current collection, to buy the new love of your life.  You buy the new items, then sell even more of your last collection and buy more of the new collection.  And through the life of your collecting, you may go through this process several times, even MANY times.  I know i sure have.  I started out with Saucy Walkers, then started in on Play Pal dolls, so i sold some of my walked to buy them.  Then decided they were too big to keep going, so i sold the Play Pals, and started with smaller Cosmopolitan Gingers.  They eventually gave way to any purple haired dolls (yes, they do exist – see the photo above).  And now those have gone off to other homes and I went back to Ginger and added Pam.

Everything has a life span – even collections.  So if you find yourself changing what you collect, don’t feel like you betrayed your current love.  Just look at it as sharing your love with new families, and adopting a new love yourself!

Next week, I’ll be blogging about my best Christmas dolly memory.

Happy Collecting!

PS.  Speaking of collecting – I have a dear friend on the west coast that has a collection of another kind.  Her name is Marci and she and her husband collect animals – kind of.  They have a rescue farm where they rescue donkeys mostly, but also have all kinds of other animals that they save.  If you’d like to read her blog, click here.

They run their rescue center on donations.  Even if it’s only a few dollars, please think about donating.  Thank you!

Pic of the Week – Marta of The Doll Whisperer

Our Facebook profile picture of the week (below) goes to Marta Piotrowicz of Poland, with her spectacular synthesis of the ghost of Christmas Future and Alice Cullen. Each week as we change our profile picture we hope to bring forward one of many the talented and dedicated collectors of Tonner D0ll, celebrating the power of play.

Back in November she was interviewed by BJD Magazine, where you can find out more about her passion:

I have been fascinated by photography since I was in primary school. My mother gave me a Smiena, a very simple Russian camera, as my first camera. First I was photographing people, streets, and cities, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. At that time, I started collecting dolls, first Barbies, then Silkstones, and FR.

 Finally I discovered Robert Tonner’s dolls, and fell in love at my very first sight. His dolls were like the real models, with captivating face sculpts, history, amazing detailed wardrobe, and it was it!…

 First I started to make their photo portraits, then ‘fashion editorials’ where the main focus were clothes, shoes, and fabrics.

...When I place the doll in front of my camera – I see her alive, moving and posing. I can feel her like I would feel the energy, emotions and personality of real human being. I know her, who she is, where is she from, what kind of person she is.

You just have to FEEL the person who is standing in front of you. Famous photographer Don McCullin said: “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

read the rest

Definitely read all of the interview, she talks about her fashion influences and her photography philosophy in great detail.

She says tells us that she lives in Poland and is a single mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy. We celebrate Marta! Thank you Marta, and we look forward to more of your exquisite photographs.

Sheilah’s Original 1998 advertisement for Julia – Romance Novel Beauty

A few days ago Sheliah wrote about how she had just received her Robert Tonner historical Julia doll in the mail, the very same day that this original advertisement for it all the way back in 1998 arrived.

We are thrilled that Robert Tonner’s historical doll arrived this afternoon!  She is certainly a beloved treasure in our home!  Julia is beautiful, and we are quite fortunate to have gotten her entire collection at one time.  Also in today’s mail was the original magazine advertisement for Julia, from 1998

It is great to remember our roots in the doll community, and this magazine ad really brings us back. Read all of Cynthia’s post, she really captures the excitement. We just wanted to take this moment and direct your attention to her beautiful collector spirit:

Even more! Robert Tonner made an entire wardrobe of luscious ensembles for Julia, and each one is so detailed and gorgeous. Julia has a lingerie set, a nightgown and matching robe, a blue floral day dress, a blue velvet coat with bonnet and purse, and a breathtaking wedding gown with all of its accessories for Julia’s romantic day! We have displayed Julia and her wardrobe in a vintage wooden doll trunk, and the old fashioned style of the trunk suits Julia well…

read the rest

Terri Gold’s thoughts on IT’s 12″ Fashion Doll Collection

My take on this collection: a lot of thought went into the design and the dolls definitely fit the theme of the event.

The convention doll herself is very Misaki-ish as far as styling. The outfit is cute and girly and I would definitely dress my Misaki dolls in this. She needs a little dog, though. The makeup competes with the outfit for attention.

Go North as the Good Witch is lovely in every way and I would give her a wand.

Go West as the Evil Witch is perfect. Up close her face is hard and harsh. Her fashion is definitely sexy and complex. Very nice.

The fashion looks like it belongs in a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Just hand this girl a beer. Who is that prototype anyway? I can’t tell the difference between some the dolls anymore. It’s like a game of mix and match.

see it all

We of course have our own little frosty lady, Jacqueline. 🙂

Terri’s blog Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold is a definite read for anyone wanting to keep in the conversation of fashion dolls. We highly recommend you subscribe like we do. We at Tonner Doll will be trying to share with you all the up to the minute thoughts of our collectors who blog, and make you aware of new Tonner doll and figure oriented blogs as they begin. So stay tuned. May the conversation continue!

Celebrating Women and Barbie Goes to the Museum

Model Looks – The Beautiful Women of Tonner

We ran into this short piece on the Mattel release of a “Museum Collection” for Barbie in the Celebrity gossip blog “Oh No They Didn’t”. It raised the very important issue of how beauty standards are depicted, something that has been important to Tonner Doll. The empowerment of women has been central to our doll and figure design. We celebrate the development of the female image.

The thoughts on Barbie’s transformation over time:

Barbie has long been the bane of feminists and physicians who believe the dolls set unrealistic body-image standards for young girls. While the latest dolls remain as bone-thin as ever, their career choices have evolved over the years past housewife and shopaholic. Some of Barbie’s recent career incarnations include architect, news anchor and paratrooper.

More at Oh No They Didn’t!

The Full-Size Model

At the top of this post shows some of the variety of our beautiful women. Cami on the left brings the contemporary beauty of a young, independent NYC woman, while DeeAnna Denton captures pure fuller-figured sophistication. You can see more on of this really as daily our collectors are uploading their interpretations and visions on Facebook.For our collectors the World of Tonner offers a full array of fashion, beauty, bodies and imagination, something for everyone to dream on. Remember as well that it was in 2002 that Tonner Doll Company was the first to really break the mould, with the introduction of Emme, based on the real full-size model Emme. News from the release:

A new doll called Emme was one of the hottest products launched at the American International Toy Fair last week. The full-figured doll, decked out in a black cocktail dress and platform sandals, was inspired by real-life model Emme, the world’s leading plus-size model. Emme has twice been named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” people.

“We do have curves on the doll, hips and broad shoulders,” Emme said on Good Morning America. The model said it’s a great idea for parents to provide their kids with dolls that represent real people. “Give your children, if you can find them out there, dolls of all different hues, of color and different shapes and sizes,” she said.

Read the rest of the ABC News article from 2002

Tamara Joins the Our Blogging World: Mildendo Magazine

Starting to Blog

Now this is really exciting stuff! We had Miss Nancy‘s wonderful premiere blog post for us this morning, What is Collecting? And just this week we learned about how our Tonner friend Tamara Friedrichova in Mexico City has started blogging herself. If you don’t know Tamara, read about her and her wonderful Tonner collecting friends in both Mexico and the Czech Republic, in last week’s blog post Tonner Doll in Mexico…and Beyond.

Why is this so exciting? Because blogging is one of the most satisfying things that a creative, impassioned person can do, and one of our larger hopes is that Doll collectors from around the world will start blogging so the conversation can grow between us all.

So let’s get to the good part. Check out what Tamara is already doing in a few short days. Her blog is called Mildendo Magazine – she explains how the name “Mildendo” comes from the metropolis in Gulliver’s Travels – and though she is Czech (and living and collecting in Mexico) she is writing it in English so that we can all enjoy her work.

Today’s blog post talks about how she met Rogelio – a very skilled and inspired craftsman and the birth of her Plaza Midendo collaboration

And in that meeting I met to Rogelio, fabulous carpenter and fabulous person, fan of miniatures and great craftman! He brought some pieces of his incredible furniture to our meeting and we presented him different types of dolls, much better for to present his furniture… When the meeting finished Rogelio left my house with one of my Tonner doll  and many ideas for to start make furniture in different scales!  I recieved from him fantastic barbie bed and bedside table for to make a lot of photos and promove him. So I started to work :D . Plaza Mildendo was born :D .

Making a Community

When artist meets artist great things happen. This is what we want to celebrate, how connections in creativity change lives. So be sure to follow and subscribe to Tamara’s new blog. And don’t be afraid to comment either, because bloggers love comments! We would love to follow up on some of Rogelio’s furniture making in a future post.

And for all those who have stories to share, or techniques, or fantastic creations, blogging is a great way to do it. You can set up a blog in about 5 minutes on WordPress (our favorite) or several other services. If you need any help figuring out how feel free to ask us about it, write to me Kevin at And when you do start one, definitely let us know so we can spread the word!